Sharps Removal and Disposal

Safe removal and disposal of Sharps, Needles and Hypodermic Syringes | Australia Wide Service

Sharps Removal and Disposal


Used Sharps, Needles and  Hypodermic Syringes, can result in stick injuries that cause considerable anxiety because of the fear of contracting blood-borne diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, as well as other diseases.

Our national network of trained technicians provides prompt and successful Sharps and Needles Clearances in any area including waste and rubbish, outdoor areas, vehicles, rental and commercial properties to guarantee all sharps are found and removed ensuring no bio-hazardous items and materials remain.

Our trained technicians safely remove used and unused needles, sharps, and hypodermic syringes, Sharps collected safely by trained technicians using appropriate PPE and deposited into and Australian Standard sharps containers and disposed of in compliance with EPA guidelines.

Upon completion you are provided with a detailed report including photos should evidence be required in the future.

When it comes to providing Sharps and Needles Clearances, it is important to leave it to the professionals. SharpSweep's trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to successfully remove bio-hazardous waste including Sharps, Needles, and Hypodermic Syringes and broken glass pipes Australia Wide.

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